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As a homeowner, you’ve probably heard a lot of “conventional wisdom” passed down through the generations about maintaining your plumbing system. Would you be surprised to know most of it is wrong?

It’s important to know the difference between the facts and the myths in order to avoid doing things that may damage your plumbing system or your pipes. Here are five home plumbing myths from Lucas Board Plumbing you should know about.

Running Hot Water While Using the Garbage Disposal Clears Your Pipes

Many homeowners think that as long as you run hot water, you can put just about anything into their garbage disposals. The truth is that no matter how much water you run there are things that do not belong in a garbage disposal. Thick or hard items just don’t belong in your garbage disposal. Banana peels and eggshells can actually damage your garbage disposal, requiring professional repairs or drain cleaning.

Lemons Will Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Running a lemon through your garbage disposal may make it smell better, but it won’t clean your garbage disposal. In order to properly disinfect your garbage disposal, you have to use a cleaning solution of hot water and a gentle soap. But, before you attempt to do that, you need to disconnect the garbage disposal from its power source. Once you’ve disconnected the power source, spray the cleaning solution into the disposal and wait a few minutes to give it time to work. Then use a brush to scrub the disposal.

If Things Keep Going Down My Drain, It’s Not Going to Clog

Just because your garbage disposal is still working doesn’t mean it isn’t at risk of a getting a serious clog. North Myrtle Beach plumbers will tell you that if your disposal is moving slowly or there are waste fragments remaining in the pipes, that’s an early sign of an impending problem. If you see either of these signs when operating your disposal, it’s likely developing a clog, even though it may seem to be working. Stop using your waste disposal until you have professional service performed.

Using Hand Soap Is a Good Way to Clean Fixtures

Depending on your specific plumbing fixtures, using hand soap may actually damage For example, brass plumbing fixtures always should be cleaned with a gentle solution of cut lemons and baking soda. When it comes to your toilet bowl, they need to be sterilized with a disinfectant to kill germs and prevent infection.

My Plumbing Fixtures Need Little to No Maintenance

This is a dangerous home plumbing myth, because as a homeowner if you believe it you may run into serious problems later on. Your pipes can be obstructed by clogs, tree roots, or even a shifting in your home’s foundation. As a homeowner, you should inspect your sewer clean outs for obstructions as well. Any of these issues can lead to expensive plumbing repairs. The best way to avoid these issues? A regular plumbing inspection by a professional.

Do you have plumbing questions? Want to know where to find plumbers near me? Call the expert Myrtle Beach plumbers at Lucas Board Plumbing today!

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